All this customization is a lot of work. So, of course, there are costs involved. The following is how the fully custom product's prices break down.

Design fee: This is a one time charge for the design you request. Once you've paid for your design you can have it printed over and over again. At that point, you just need to buy the product. The design fee is $50 per character and $20 per item(the object in the bubble). Costs can go up or down depending on the complexity of your character or item you request.

Cost of product: With your design, of course, you need a product for it to be printed on. For now, we offer shirts and tote bags.

"Hanes like" shirt ($30):
"Hanes like" means its the quality of Hanes, but may not be Hanes. We try our best to get Hanes, but its really what the supplier sends us. Yeah, we didn't come up with "Hanes like". In all honesty, this shirt is all you need. Unless, you only like super soft things touching your skin. If so, then you'll want our other type of shirt. See examples here [link].

American Apparel shirt ($40):
You know, those posters of girls that make you take a double take in disgust or intrigue? Yeah, that company. But, they do make a really soft shirt. These shirts are 100% organic cotton. It'll make your skin happy and the environment too. See examples here [link].

Tote bags ($30):
2Bs started in totes, so we continue with them. What's there to say. Great for carrying things. Looks great on your shoulder. Makes your friends jealous they don't have a cute character on their boring bag. See examples here [link].

Shipping: Of course, there are shipping costs. We can't afford to ship for free. Shipping will vary according to the size of your order. A ballpark cost for shipping would be $3 within the USA and $8 for orders shipping outside of the USA.