Welcome to our full custom 2B page!

What is a fully custom 2B? Glad you asked. Fully custom 2Bs are 2Bs that are created following reference you provide. Want a 2B version of yourself? Your kid? 2B-ize a character you like? Or, even better, 2B-ize your own character. That's what the fully custom 2Bs are about.

As you can see, the 2B style is very adaptable. We haven't come across anything we can't 2B-ize yet. Our standard design is of a character and a thought bubble with a item in it. You can see examples of this at the top of our sample page above. Of course, you do not have to stick to this design. We've had requests for just one character without a thought bubble or requests for two character thinking of one item. We're pretty flexible when it comes to layout/designs. If you are wondering if we can make your design, just ask us. We don't bite... and if we do, we only have little tiny sharp teeth. It doesn't hurt.