Things to keep in mind...

Here are some things to keep in mind as you decide to purchase your very own fully custom 2B.

1) The fully custom 2B designs are our artistic 2B interpretations of the subject/object you request. For this reason, there are no revisions permitted on the designs. Rest assured that we take pride in our designs, so we will not half ass our efforts in creating your product.

2) Once the design process starts, changes cannot be made to your request. Making changes slows down the process which backs up orders. That we can't have. If changes must be made, fees will be applied.

3) Since each order has to be designed from scratch, delivery times vary with fully custom 2Bs. Rest assured that we will not drag our asses in the process. Be patient. It's worth the wait. :)

4) The fees explained above buys you a fully custom 2B printed on a product. You do not get a digital file of your request to use as you like. Purchasing the rights to use the design is possible, but the fees are very different. If you're interested in this, just send us an email indicating this.

5) A little something extra. If you request it, we will send you a low rez version of your 2B for you to use as your online profile image. See, it pays to read to the end of the page.